Heal the Energy of Trauma 


Achieve a life free of self-sabotage.


Self-sabotage is rooted in trauma.  There are 5 distinct energy body types that reveal our reactivity patterns. 


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Transpersonal Energy Healing, (TEH) is a unique dialogue and movement system that enhances the client’s body/mind awareness. The TEH Therapist establishes deep trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates holistic health and relieves anxieties and stressful patterns that often originated in childhood.

The TEHT practitioner facilitates the client's ability to self-discover subconscious beliefs, often rooted in childhood trauma, that have inhibited aliveness in adult life.  

Practitioner and client together track the unwinding of constricted energy to its origins, where a physical/emotional, combustion-like, natural conversion occurs that brings about a healing response to the physiology.

The practitioner then guides the client to integrate their experience with a healthier energy psychology of beliefs. This results in a new feeling of freedom, aliveness and an enhanced state of well-being.

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PERSONAL HEALING: You need a place...where it feels safe to be authentic, where you can share your fears without fear of judgement. You're longing to get past your pain and you need support and expert guidance to fully realize your life purpose.


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You may be a high achiever seeking personal growth and your own healing. You may want to start a practice or you already have a professional practice in the field of holistic health. You want to grow your practice but somehow you're stuck. You have lots of skills yet feel challenged by certain clients. You want clarity and support to soar past these blind spots to help yourself and others, heal.

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Our Heal Your Survival Pattern Membership offers community and a place of healing, for high-functioning individuals who are tired of trying to heal their trauma history and self-sabotaging patterns, alone.



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When will power fails to prevent you from hurting yourself or others, you could be stuck in a trauma pattern.Trauma is often misunderstood.  This oversight could be keeping you from having the quality of life and relationships you're longing to have. You may be high functioning, a high achiever on the outside, but inside feel fragile, easily rattled, quick to explode or just wanting to hide from life. There are 3 COMMON MYTHS About Trauma That Keep You From Healing. We created this 40 minute video to dispel these myths. In it you'll be shocked to understand:
  • The top three common myths about trauma
  • How unresolved trauma leads to defensive, self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Why these myths prevent healing
  • What IS needed to heal trauma 

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