Holi-day Message

Dec 21, 2020


Thanks to the blessing and curse of media and technology flagrantly in our faces, our exposure to the energy of negativity is exponentially ramped up. There is an intensity in the world at this time that can find its way into our energy system when we’re not looking.

Your choice of how, who, where, when and in what way to use your time has consequences. The impact of these choices can creep up stealthily. We may not even recognize the ramifications until after we’re down for the count in depression, anxiety or fear. It’s a useful mindset when connecting with loved ones during the holidays.

What to do?

Pause. Self-reflect. Close your eyes. Go inside. Just for one-minute.

Life is moving so fast; it’s easy to forget the power of our own choices. Speak it out loud to those you trust when you feel fearful. Don’t isolate, even if you’re alone. It will help you to remember to collect the strength to stop rubbernecking at the bad news that surrounds us.

What makes this holiday a holi-day?

As you gather with loved ones over these next few days and weeks, here’s a  a perspective I heard from a wise friend,

“Sit with someone while seeking nothing.”

Give yourself a chance to just “be” rather than be right, impressive or strong. Notice the peace of being present without pressure, no matter what the whirlwind around you might be.

Keep a mind-set of awe, curiosity and wonder. Find the gifts that live within the hardships.

Happy holi-days!

With love, Laura~

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