Are you ready

to stop sabotaging your relationships and have the life you long for?


Learn How to Respond,

Rather Than React, 

When You or Others Get Defensive



Even after all your personal growth work, do you still find yourself… 

  • Struggling with your inner critic

  • In unhealthy relationships 

  • Over giving of your time, then getting resentful

  • Caught in aggressive behaviors or addictions then plagued by guilt and remorse

  • Obsessing over what others think 

  • Playing small to avoid others’ jealousy

  • Struggling with physical symptoms that won’t go away


Even though you may be highly functional in many areas of your life, you may be tired of grappling with guilt that comes after you withhold from, or yell at, the people you most love.


That feels scary!


It’s not your fault. - What?


​​Unhealthy adult reactivity patterns were originally formed in childhood to help us cope when overwhelmed, but then got stuck as subconscious patterns in our system. 


These patterns are NOT your TRUE SELF, and you know it. You just don’t know how to undo the destructive Energy Pattern - yet.


You can learn to understand the Personality Survival Energy Pattern you adapted to in childhood, WHY you haven’t been able to control your reactivity, and WHAT you can do to respond instead of react to personality dynamics or stressful situations. 

Do you find yourself avoiding your significant other when they want to discuss the argument they had with you?

IMAGINE what it would be like if you could face difficult conversations with confidence and ease.

When your partner tells you they need space, do you collapse in fear and despair assuming what they really mean is, “It’s over?”

Just picture what it would be like if you could feel secure, trusting, and truly enjoy your alone time without fear, even when your partner “needs space.”


When a significant other gets upset, do you feel responsible, even if you have no reason to be?

Can you dare to dream what your relationship would be like if you could listen calmly, without guilt or shame?

There is a system that can teach you how to stop knee-jerk negative responses, when faced with your greatest relationship fears and challenges.


Why does this happen to me, even though I know better?


In childhood, through family conditioning, you learned to adapt to overwhelming stressors by creating an Energy Survival Pattern. You used this pattern repeatedly to help you cope with emotional overwhelm.


As children, our resources are limited by what is developmentally available to us. We are not yet psychologically equipped to manage family challenges such as: alcoholism, abuse, disease, loss or other traumas.


The good news is…


There is a solution to help you rid yourself of the pain and pitfalls you’ve cycled in for far too long.



Confessing my ugly sabotage pattern.  



After taking this course you'll be able to:

Break Self-Destructive Habits


Recognize self-limiting patterns that hold you back from joyful service to others, allowing you to live powerfully as the person you feel called to be.

Stop fighting with those you love: Recognize how expressions of energy create conflict or communication.

Realize Healthy Energy Boundaries


Stop getting sick by taking on other people’s stuff: Learn how to strengthen energy boundaries.

Improve your relationships: Recognize the 5 Childhood Body/Mind Developmental Stages of Life, their energy patterns, and how they may have limited your physical health, self-identity, and relationships.

Balance Your



Get centered. Learn how to assess, activate and charge your chakras.

Deepen your compassion: Recognize the GIFT that lives in the essence of your wounded childhood and how to recognize that core issue in your clients so you can help them heal.


What our students have to say:

I'm amazed by the results!

There's nothing more healing than being compassionately seen, heard, and understood when you're facing a health crisis, especially when its followed by grounded, practical, health science. Combining body/mind psychology with the Energy System and Nutritional Endocrinology is bringing about incredible transformational results in my clients, students, and the health coaches who are in the process of being certified through the INE training program. 

I am amazed by the results happening by integrating the work of Transpersonal Energy Healing training with Laura Fine into our program. I personally feel I have a way to know and connect more deeply to my own clients and to help my students build a healing bridge to their clients. 

Dancing with Defenses is an invaluable component of how to do that. I wish this course was not only for practitioners, but anyone who is really ready to get out of their own way and have a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN,  DACBN

I found my Essential Self

I feel truly blessed to have found you and to have the courage to go on my Hero’s journey with your guidance! I had a truly transformational experience and feel I have integrated a lot of my life experiences and feelings and discovered how to stay in my Essential Self. I am very excited to share what I know with others and hold the space and the vision that their Essential Self already knows all the answers they are seeking. I realized how each of us is complete and enough as we are, here and now.

Elona M 

BS and MBA in Economics

I Could Not Believe the Difference in My Being

I have already been incorporating the techniques we have been taught. Yesterday, I had a challenging client and used what we learned, and it didn't feel fake or scripted in any way. I could feel my client’s energy calm from the moment she walked in to the moment she left. I was able to hold space and pause in certain moments whereas that would have made me very uncomfortable before.

Alma Hachey 

Health Coach, Certified in Transpersonal Energy Counseling

I'm finally speaking out!

As a result of my work within Transpersonal Energy Healing Counseling, I have gained a deeper understanding of not only myself but within others as well, and how I can be of service to both. Today, I celebrate my new way of life with honor and excitement. I live in my body and have become less reactive, I am better skilled at sensing when I am going into feelings of overwhelm and utilizing the many tools gained through TEH counseling to help regulate my whole system. My depression and anxiety is not as debilitating, and I honor it with love and attention, opposed to numbing and ignoring it. I no longer suffer with heavy substance abuse and addictions.

I am developing healthy relationships and boundaries, developing my core, my will, my energetic boundaries. I am stepping into my gifts and learning to live life fully, wholeheartedly, getting to know my higher-self, my essence, essential self, the Divine within. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and experience of TEH counseling and my beautiful healing journey. 

Emily Smith, MSW, Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing  Counselor 

Meet Your Instructors 


Laura Fine and Kimberly Ward are masterful teachers with decades of training and experience. They are the creators of the Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy system. They have helped thousands of clients and students, throughout the years, specializing in trauma recovery and healing complex body/mind patterns that plague so many of us.  

Both have experienced trauma in their own lives and achieved profound healing as a result of mastering the techniques they now skillfully teach to others.

Laura Fine

Laura has a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is the author of four books including, The Exceptional Practitioner: Transpersonal Energy Healing, The Exceptional Actor: The 7 Step System to Expand Charisma, Chemistry and Magnetism through the Energy System of Acting. Laura has had a dual career in the creative and healing arts. She spent the first 20 years of her career as a professional regional theatre director, acting and movement teacher in numerous prestigious university and conservatory institutions. Laura simultaneously spent over 30 years professionally training and then teaching the healing arts, especially energy healing, and energy psychology. Laura founded and directed The Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing and is the Creative Director and co-founder of TEHT.

Kimberly Ward

Kimberly has been working as a holistic practitioner for 30 years. She combines her skills as a Somatic Trauma Therapist, Energy Healer, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner to help people that suffer from disease rooted in trauma.

In addition to seeing clients in her private practice, she spent 13 years as the Program and Training Director for a national commercial nutrition and weight loss company, where she trained hundreds of health coaches to support people in making difficult lifestyle changes. She is passionate about educating people on the effects of trauma, teaching skills needed to re-wire trauma patterns and bringing people together in a supportive community that enables healing. Kimberly is the CEO and Co-Founder of TEHT.


Your Payment Options 

One Time Payment


Save over $100

  • One easy payment 

  • 5 Master Classes including experiential learning of the 5 Survival Energy Body Types

  • 5 small PERSONAL INTEGRATION GROUP sessions 

  • Easy access to the course material and replay of live classes in your class dashboard
  • Access to the Transpersonal Energy Healing private community for extra support and connection


3 Pay Option


$450 per month for 3 months

  • Convenient payment plan

  • 5 Master Classes including experiential learning of the 5 Survival Energy Body Types

  • 5 small PERSONAL INTEGRATION GROUP sessions 

  • Easy access to the course material and replay of live classes in your class dashboard
  • Access to the Transpersonal Energy Healing private community for extra support and connection


Getting out of your own way...


As adults, we KNOW our Personality Survival Energy Patterns are in our way, causing us and others a great deal of pain by blocking us from being professionally successful, and severely limiting intimacy, trust, and good judgment in our personal and professional relationships.


Your GO-TO Energy Pattern blocks who you really are!


You may recognize your tendency to get defensive, but what do you do about it?

Why is it that even though you “know better,” it’s so difficult to respond instead of react?

This is a system you can learn, that will teach you how to regulate your Energy Pattern in a healthy manner.


When you practiced your survival pattern repeatedly through childhood to help protect you, you were also (perhaps inadvertently) learning to maximize positive aspects that are at the heart of your wounded defense strategy. Since using any pattern requires repeatedly practicing certain skills, each pattern fosters its own particular set of gifts.


There is a GIFT inherent in your wounded energy pattern.

You KNOW it and you have a natural calling to develop it!

It’s instinctual and so natural it may not even feel like a gift!

There is a solution...


It’s called Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy and it’s changing lives every day!  

With this transformational healing modality, you’ll learn how to quickly bring to the surface all the buried layers of subconscious memories that live in the tissues of your body and may have kept you stuck repeating negative, self-sabotaging patterns for years.


Mother, nurture your Inner Child


Father, become the parent you never had.

Empath, stop running away from your gifts.


Healer, heal thyself! 



Here’s what happens in the training: 


Once a year, this course is offered LIVE through virtual learning over a 10 week period of time. 

It includes five, two-hour master Classes, plus five, 90 minute integration sessions.

Each of the five master class sessions with Laura Fine and Kimberly Ward, will focus on one of the five, specific Survival Energy Patterns. 

You are assigned to a small Integration group (maximum 10), with a professional Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner.

Your designated instructor provides personal attention to each group member to help you integrate the profound teachings revealed in each of the 5 Master Classes. You'll get to know your small group members intimately as you share how you are applying your new perceptions to your daily life.


The Next Live Class Starts:

Monday June 28, 2021    


Based on body/mind principles from such masters as Alexander Lowen, John Pierrakos, Steven Kessler, Anodea Judith, and Barbara Brennan, in each of the sessions you’ll delve into the exploration of Character armor and how to heal it.

“Character armor typically develops from difficulties experienced during developmental stages of life. Our ways of coping become defenses that get “hard-wired” into the system as it develops, beyond conscious awareness. They are not what we decide to do, but rather are like default programs that run automatically. Anodea Judith.


Each of the five master class sessions with Laura Fine and Kimberly Ward will focus on one of the five specific Survival Energy Patterns. 



Master Class Session 1: 

Unifying your Creative Split


You’ll come to understand why it may be difficult to stay present and focused, or why you sometimes feel you don’t belong. Once you realize your life force as “charge” and discover how it behaves, you’ll be able to connect to your CORE to move ahead on your life purpose.

Master Class Session 2: 

Freeing the Lover


You’re naturally oriented toward emotional giving, but through early childhood conditioning, experienced a lack of nurturing or nourishment. Learn how to break the vicious cycle of needing to be a giver in order to receive. Learn how to feel complete, with or without a romantic relationship.

Master Class Session 3: 

The Endurer


Strong and loyal, you learned how to hold everything in, not to reveal your needs, because historically they weren’t met or validated. In this session, you’ll be trained to reconcile your inner conflict between anger and tenderness, to move away from self-destructive tendencies, and to free yourself from debilitating conditioned, often subconscious, shame. 

Master Class Session 4: 

The Challenger-Defender


A natural heroic defender of the meek, a fearless, spontaneous, and natural leader, your struggle lies in rejecting weakness that would make you vulnerable to others in authority.  Quick to anger, your anger may obscure powerful truths that could perpetuate your spiritual growth. Learn to feel safe, calm, and clear in the face of adversity.

Master Class Session 5: 

The Achiever


Wounded at the heart by lack of approval, you tend to focus your energy on achievement. Though you’re highly functional, you find yourself attracted to the unavailable partner, afraid of commitment or intimacy, and can’t figure out why or how you got here.

 This course is unique.


Other personality MAPS, such as the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs, refer to people as “types.” The MAP of the 5 Survival Energy Patterns (sometimes referred to as Characterology) is fundamentally different. This describes the survival strategy you automatically adopt when you feel overwhelmed.


This MAP reveals your self-protecting pattern,

what you do that OBSCURES who you are. 


If you’re ready to realize your purpose and become a healing presence in the world, you may want to see yourself showing up in at least one of these ways:

  •    Live authentically in your true self
  •  ​​Feel confident, heart-centered, and open with loved ones, colleagues, students and clients
  •    ​​Have productive, healthy relationships
  •    ​​Be vibrantly healthy
  •   ​​ Effectively manage your emotions and life energy
  •    Develop your intuitive abilities
  •    Inspire, guide, and facilitate healing for others

Frequently Asked Questions

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Would you rather continue struggling in life and reverting to self-sabotaging behaviors, or get to the root of the issue once and for all? 


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If you don’t take action now, when will you?  

If you pass on this incredible offer, you will be giving up: 

  • An enormous amount of time saved in achieving the emotional freedom you and others deserve

  • The empowerment you could feel by helping a client, student, friend or loved one, who has been stuck for years

  • Powerful and effective ways to quickly get to the root of long standing emotional wounds

  • The practical time proven steps to releasing yourself from emotional sabotage


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