The Exceptional Practitioner

Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing

For Personal Healing or Professional Certification

6 sessions offered LIVE once annually, or

6 Self-Study sessions, to START NOW



For high-functioning professionals,

who are tired of seeking,

and need a repeatable system,

 to heal the self-sabotaging trauma patterns,

in themselves and their clients.


Re-Pattern Life Force Energy


Uncover subconscious cellular patterns
to repair the disconnect between body and mind.


The Exceptional Practitioner:

An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy 

​​FINALLY, a repeatable, systematic cutting-edge approach to therapy, coaching, and counseling. 

The focus of this training is on your own healing first.

Stop limiting your gifts by bringing your insecurities, your need to prove your expertise, fear of overcharging and self-doubt, into your relationships.

Bring your Essential SELF into all your interactions. Consistently provide a grounded, clear, healing presence for clients, friends, colleagues, and those you love. 

Realize Body/Mind and Energy Healing skills, you can immediately implement with your clients.

Gain immediate personal healing benefits with concepts and skills that teach you how to get centered, grounded, open your heart, regulate reactivity and break self-sabotage patterns.

Get to the core of the issues quickly. Recognize hidden subconscious information as it is revealed through voice, gesture, and the interactive energy between you and significant others, whether that’s a family member, friend or client.




You know you’re not living up to your potential…  

There’s a missing piece that no therapist, teacher, or mentor has been able help you fully realize.  You’re seeking something to help you be fearlessly free, so you can live the life you came to live.


No matter how much training, therapy or personal growth classes you’ve received as a practitioner, coach, therapist, parent, or healer, you can’t seem to shake your feelings of not being good enough...

You know better, and yet you can’t seem to “talk yourself into” feeling more confident in your personal or professional relationships.


With certain clients, family members or friends, you’re an excellent communicator, you do amazing work - and you feel completely inept with others…

You can’t seem to get to the bottom of why this happens, no matter how many different strategies you try.


You often feel drained after a session or with certain personalities…

You know you over give; but you fear that if you set stronger boundaries, you will lose the most important people in your life as friends or clients.

One of the big questions you ask yourself is how to create a trusting bond with your child, your neighbor or your client without them misconstruing your intention.

You know there is a body/mind/energy component to healing - but never fully understood the science behind it, how it works, or how you can use it to help yourself and your clients truly heal. 


 There is a way.

It's systematic.

It's repeatable.

It works.


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- Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo -

​​​​Knowing my clients More Deeply

There's nothing more healing than being compassionately seen, heard, and understood when you're facing a health crisis, especially when its followed by grounded, practical, health science. Combining body/mind psychology with the Energy System and Nutritional Endocrinology is bringing about incredible transformational results in my clients, students, and the health coaches who are in the process of being certified through the INE training program. 
I am amazed by the results happening by integrating the work of Transpersonal Energy Healing training with Laura Fine into our program. I personally feel I have a way to know and connect more deeply to my own clients and to help my students build a healing bridge to their clients. 
I am glad this course is not only for practitioners, but anyone who is really ready to get out of their own way and have a more fulfilling life.


The Exceptional Practitioner: An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing: For Personal Development and Exceptional Professionalism, walks you through an eBook and six sessions of video talks that explain the concepts of holistic energy healing.

Perceive the science behind the mystery of how to open and move energy through the 7 chakra energy centers, to facilitate true and profound healing.

It’s Systematic.

It’s Repeatable.

It Works!


​​​Completing this course will allow you to:

Know the true nature of the mind - how your thoughts impact your physical, mental, and emotional health and what you can do about it.


Realize the energy dynamics of conflict in relationships - (push, pull, stop or allow), how you and others get “stuck” - and what you can do to shift from conflict to communication.


Know how to deal with awkward silent pauses in any conversation.


Appreciate how emotions show up in your body and what to do when you don’t know how to respond.


Understand what to do for yourself when you want to feel empathy for your family members, friends or clients but no longer do.


  Trust your own intuition.


  Trust your client's intuition.


Identify unrealized creative potential in yourself and others so you can live up to the dreams you know you’re capable of. 

Distinguish your unique communication style (Reason, Will or Emotion) and learn how to relate to others who communicate differently. 

Expand your spiritual center by delving into the eight universal spiritual principles, and know how to access them for healing. 

Grasp how your brain created the neurological patterns that may have limited you, and know how to create new and healthier patterns. 

Become grounded, centered, and open-hearted with a set of chakra opening exercises that will help you to re-group and discharge stress. 

Fall in love with a simple 3-Step Heart-Centered meditation technique that is easy to do and will help you stay calm and clear headed.  

If you’ve ever struggled with “trying” to meditate, you’ll understand why that is - and how meditation can become easy for you.


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​​Could Not Believe the Difference in My Being

I have already been incorporating the techniques we have been taught. Yesterday, I had a challenging client and used what we learned, and it didn't feel fake or scripted in any way. I could feel my client’s energy calm from the moment she walked in to the moment she left. I was able to hold space and pause in certain moments whereas that would have made me very uncomfortable before. 
- Alma Hachey  

When you register for the Self-Study course, you get one free ticket to attend the LIVE course that is offered once annually. The six-session live course provides in-depth support and group interactive exercises. You'll take your understanding of the material a quantum level deeper as you travel with like-minded spiritual growth sojourners.


"After taking the Live Course I knew I had to learn how to become a certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner."   J. L.


​​What you can expect:

  • shift in your own awareness 
  •  Quick solutions to common and complex problems
  • More trust gained in your therapeutic instincts
  • Increased comfort level with unknown outcomes
  • Increased ability to stay present, focused, and authentic in the moment
  • Increased self-esteem for both you and your clients
  • Feelings of being more grounded and centered
  • Increased self-confidence that will continue to grow
  • A resource you can return to repeatedly for guidance
  • heart opening
  • reliable process in place to guide you when you feel stuck

   ...and so much more!

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The Exceptional Practitioner:

Transpersonal Energy Healing Live Class


The Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing LIVE Class is offered once a year ONLY.

​​In the Exceptional Practitioner LIVE, the author Laura Fine, or one of her professionally trained and certified instructors will walk you through the course one step at a time.  Over a period of 6 weeks you’ll meet on live Zoom calls to discuss each of the modules in the course, compare experiences, and try out the exercises with a group of like-minded professionals.

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- Jan Chamberlain, Functional Nutrition Coach, BA, CPT, YTT200
A huge “AHA” for me, from the very beginning of the course, was recognizing that my clients - and especially my family members - have within themselves all that is needed for healing.
As a busy practitioner, wife, mother, and grandmother of a large family, learning how to assist others to draw upon their own inherent healing powers gave me an enormous sense of relief.
Developing my capacity to access my highest, best nature consistently was where I had begun to feel “blocked”.  This higher state always seemed to feel slightly beyond my reach. However, the Exceptional Practitioner course provided a clear and concise road-map to assist me in the recognition of my Essential Self and to facilitate others’ ability to do the same. 
It also helped me to develop more skills to increase Mind/Body awareness, to love myself and others more deeply, and to feel at peace with my efforts each day.  
Thank you, Laura, for your amazing insights and skillful guidance throughout the reading material and the accompanying videos.  This course has helped me to increase my ability for clarity and calmness daily - especially with regard to challenging situations or relationships!

What people said about their experience with Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy


  • I literally felt my heart opened and having SO MUCH love for all of you. It's amazing how much love one can feel for people I have only known for such a short amount of time, yet it feels like I've known you all for so long.  A.H.


  • Funny how when I applied what I learned about how to ground myself and I looked around at the beauty surrounding me, every pain and knot went away!  J.A.


  • I was feeling sad and lost while driving down the 405 when I suddenly remembered something I had shared with my family, "How can any single one of us who has been touched by these teachers ever feel lost, sad and disconnected when we have these teachers in our lives who are so full of love and wisdom, basically at our disposal."  S.H.

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Laura Fine, MFT, MA

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The Exceptional Practitioner: Transpersonal Energy Healing Live Class


  • Includes the 176  page eBook & video course: The Exceptional Practitioner: Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing
  • Guided by a Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Instructor 
  • Six, recorded classes, power-point, demos, Q & A
  • A deep dive with professional guidance into the Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy eBook
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