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Intro to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns

In this self-study course you'll be introduced to a unique map of understanding called the 5 Survival Energy Patterns.  These patterns are reactive strategies that were originally formed in childhood to help you cope when overwhelmed. Unfortunately these patterns do not help you manage your adult world in a healthy integrated way.  This course will help you to better understand how and why you got wired into a defensive pattern and give you some simple tools to heal your unique pattern.  All from an energetic and nervous system perspective. What you'll learn: 

Break Self-Destructive Habits

  • Recognize self-limiting patterns that hold you back from joyful service to others, allowing you to live powerfully as the person you feel called to be.
  • Stop fighting with those you love: Recognize how expressions of energy create conflict or communication.

Realize Healthy Energy Boundaries

  • Stop getting sick by taking on other people‚Äôs stuff: Learn how to strengthen energy boundaries.
  • Improve your relationships: Recognize the 5 Childhood Body/Mind Developmental Stages of Life, their energy patterns, and how they may have limited your physical health, self-identity, and relationships.

Balance Your Energy

  • Get centered. Learn how to assess, activate and charge your energy centers. 
  • Deepen your compassion: Recognize the GIFT that lives in the essence of your wounded childhood and how to recognize that core issue in your clients so you can help them heal.

What you'll get:

  • Immediate access to replays of the Master Class Lectures on the 5 Survival Energy Patterns.  
  • Watch the video replays at your convenience. Each Master Class describes one pattern with the clarity you need, to start applying these principles to your real life relationships.
  • Each Master Class also includes an activity designed to help you heal the pattern. 
  • Bonus videos, guided meditation and other useful tools in the resource library.