$97 USD

The Exceptional Practitioner Part I: Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing MANUAL

​​The complete eBook and video course, teaches you to understand the concept of holistic energy healing, the mystery behind how to open and move energy through the 7 chakra energy centers, and how to facilitate true and profound healing for yourself, your family members and your clients.

After completing the reading, video lectures, and experiential exercises, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the concept of holistic listening inclusive of the whole energy system
  • Recognize the nature of the mind, how it is expressed through the subtle nervous system, physical gestures, vocal patterns and mental beliefs and how these belief patterns impact physical, mental and emotional health
  • Have a greater recognition of each person's unique inherent unrealized creative potential and how to facilitate greater realization of this potential
  • Know how new neurological brain patterns can be created through stimulation and facilitation of the subtle nervous system
  • Utilize new skills in grounding, centering and breathing techniques
  • Employ a set of exercises to open the energy system to promote authentic spontaneity for open-hearted communication
  • Perceive clients from a broader, non-judgmental perspective