$4,500.00 USD

Service Agreement for the TEH Coaching Certification Program

  1. In addition to my agreement with all the policies posted on the TEHTherapy.com website, for my participation in any offerings or activities hosted by TEHTherapy.com, I agree to adhere to all the below additional policies.
  2. I understand that I am taking the TEH Coaching Certification training as a Self-Study course and as a live active participant in Zoom classes and I agree to abide by all the policies that follow in this agreement.
  3. Withdrawal Policy:  You may withdraw from the program for any reason within 14 days of your first payment, less a $100 processing fee prior to the start of the first class.  If you request withdrawal after 14 days of your first payment and prior to or after the start of the first master class that you attend, money will not be refunded, but may be applied as credit towards any future class offerings less a $100 transfer fee for up to one calendar year ending on December 31 of the subsequent year.  
  4.  Partial attendance:  If for any reason, you are unable to attend the full series, there are no refunds or reimbursements. You may view the appropriate recorded videos. You will be eligible in future to retake the course another time for half-price. 
  5. TEH Refund and Withdrawal Policy: We wholly believe in our program, which has been applied and proven by ourselves and past clients. The methods work, but only if the participant is dedicated to the process. Nevertheless, we offer a conditional 14-day refund under the following circumstances: 
  6. You may participate in our certification program for a full 14 calendar days. If you complete the assigned course work for Unit 1, attend live training, listen to the call recordings, and still feel you have not received value, you may email proof of your completed coursework to [email protected] before the deadline and we will promptly refund the money you’ve paid, minus a $100 processing fee, if all of the following conditions are met:
    1. Deadline to Apply for Refund: To be eligible for a refund, you must have purchased the TEH Coaching Certification program and submitted your request by midnight within 14 calendar days of your initial course registration.
      The reason this deadline exists is because when you sign up for TEH Coaching Certification, we want you to start right away to maximize the course materials. If you don’t plan on starting right away, we’d love to have you, but definitely make sure this is the right investment for you, as the refund deadline is firm.
    2. Completed Course Work: We ask that you show proof of completed course work and have demonstrated an effort to attend the live training(s) and watched the recorded training in the online training portal.
    3. Reason for your Refund Request: We ask that you share with us the components that did not work for you in order to improve our program. You will be required to email your reason for your refund request, along with your coursework to [email protected] within 14 days of your initial course registration in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • Dismissal: A student may be dismissed at the discretion of the staff or teachers for insufficient participation, nonpayment of costs, or failure to comply with Institute standards and policies or at the discretion of the administration based upon their assessment of the student’s emotional or psychological well-being.
  • Your emotional and psychological safety is your responsibility. The TEH staff and faculty are not responsible for the mental and emotional well-being of any participant. If you find that certain activities offered in this curriculum are unhealthy for you in any way, you understand there is no requirement for you to participate and you agree to notify the instructors that you do not wish to participate in those activities. 
  • Release: You understand that portions of these classes will be videotaped for educational and promotional purposes and you give permission to release any and all use of your image, voice, sound for future use.

You can schedule your 6 sessions with TEH Co-Counders Kimbery Ward or Laura Fine for an additional $600.  

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TEH Coaching Certification: One Time Payment


Immediate access to the program dashboard and  portal. 

Live trainings where you'll learn the following cutting edge therapies:

  • The TEH System: A unique 10 Step System to Repattern Life Force Energy utilizing dialogue, movement and the chakra energy system to develop the client’s body/mind psychology and emotional energy awareness. 
  • Somatic Trauma Recovery: Skills to work with the nervous system to increase resiliency and release old trauma patterns of flight-flight-freeze enabling  post traumatic growth. 
  • How to Connect: Establish deep trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates holistic health, relieves anxieties and stressful patterns.
  • Energy Boundaries: Connect yet maintain healthy energy boundaries so you don’t get sick or burned out.
  • Essential Self: How to access your inner wisdom, so you can help your client do the same.
  • The Art of Inquiry: “Leading while Following” to listen deeply, yet stay out of the way while supporting your client’s ability to recognize their own resistance and create their breakthrough transformation.   

Professional Support:

  • LIVE weekly Interactive Professional Development Skills
  • Live weekly Q & A with a Master teacher

Personal Healing and Development:

  • SIX individual, one-hour, one-on-one sessions with a Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner included with your tuition
  • A personal mentor to help support you in the program with 5 private 20 minute  sessions
  • Weekly Healing Process Groups to facilitate the healing of each Survival Energy Pattern


  • One-year membership FREE into the "Heal Your Survival Pattern" Membership Group
  • The option to REPEAT the entire 10 month professional live training classes at HALF-PRICE for up to one year