Terms for LIVE Sessions

The following Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") are entered into by and between You ("Customer" or "You") and Kimberly Ward, LLC dba Somagetics and Transpersonal Energy Healing ("Company", "We", or “Us") for attending the Live "Healing from Within" event. 


The Company agrees to provide You with access to the Virtual Event titled, "Healing from Within" ("Program"). As a condition of participating in the Program, You agree to be bound by and to abide by all policies and procedures set out in this Agreement, including those incorporated by reference.


The Company respects the privacy of its customers and will not disclose any information You provide except as set forth in this Agreement. As a condition of participating in the Program, You hereby agree to respect the privacy of other Program participants and to respect the Company’s confidential information.

Specifically, You shall not share any information provided by other Program participants outside of the bounds of the Program unless You receive express written permission from such other participants to share the information. Similarly, the content of the Program contains the Company’s proprietary methods, processes, forms, templates, and other information. You hereby agree not to share the information provided to You in the Program with anyone other than the Company, its owners and employees, and other Program participants. 

Personal Responsibility

By participating in the Program, You accept personal responsibility for the results of Your actions. You agree that the Company has not made any guarantees about the results of taking any action, whether recommended in the Program or not. The Company provides educational and informational resources that are intended to help participants in the Program succeed. You nevertheless recognize that Your ultimate success or failure will be the result of Your own efforts, Your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond the control and/or knowledge of the Company.

You also recognize that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Thus, the results obtained by others - whether clients of the Company or otherwise - applying the principles included in the Program do not guarantee that You or any other person or entity will be able to obtain similar results.

You agree to take full responsibility for any harm or damage You suffer as a result of the use, or non-use, of the information available in the Program. You agree to use judgment and conduct due diligence before taking any actions or implementing any plans or policy suggested or recommended in the Program.

Not Medical Advice

The Company and its employees cannot offer You medical advice. Its programs, products, and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and shall not be understood or construed as medical advice. Our programs are intended for individuals who are in generally good health and not in need of medical treatment. Those programs, products, and services are not a substitute for medical advice from a licensed doctor or other medical professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of Your individual situation. We provide health-related education, information, and do-it-yourself tools that You use at your own discretion.

You understand and agree that your emotional and psychological safety is your responsibility. The Company staff and faculty are not responsible for Your mental and emotional well-being. If You find that certain activities offered in the curriculum are unhealthy for You in any way, You understand there is NO requirement for you to participate.   You agree to notify the instructors that you do not wish to participate in those activities in advance when possible. If needed, You may stop participating in an activity that you’ve started and/or turn Your camera off.