for Personal Healing 


If you are seeking a way to further your own healing from a challenging history, you may want consistent and expert support so you can keep growing. 

You may have heard about Energy Healing and how it is often the missing link to overcoming deep seated, long term self-limiting patterns. If you are seeking a way to get to the root cause, once and for all, of painful self-destructive habits, there are 3 personal healing options below. 

The first step is to identify your personal self-sabotage energy pattern.

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Self-sabotage is rooted in trauma.  There are 5 distinct energy body types that reveal our reactivity patterns called

The Survival Energy Body Types. 

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Your Personal Healing Opportunities 

Find a TEH Practitioner

PERSONAL HEALING: You need a place...where it feels safe to be authentic, where you can share your fears without fear of judgement. You're longing to get past your pain and you need support and expert guidance to fully realize your life purpose. Find a TEH certified Practitioner from our world-wide directory listing.



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Membership Community

Our Heal Your Survival Pattern Membership offers community and a place of healing, for high-functioning individuals who are tired of trying to heal their trauma history and self-sabotaging patterns, alone. Weekly sessions offer a consistent gathering place to meet peers and bring questions to expert professionals.



Membership Group

Self-Study Courses

You may be a high achiever seeking personal growth and your own healing. You may want to start a practice or you already have a professional practice in the field of holistic health. You feel you're lacking certain skills that could help you soar past some blind spots to help yourself and others, heal. Our Self-Study courses provide many of the missing links practitioners are seeking.

Self-Study Courses