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  • Developing Energy Perception: Each month you get a new class teaching you how to work with Life Force Energy
  • Identifying the Survival Energy Patterns: Each month you get a new class on understanding the 5 Trauma Patterns (see more below)
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The moment you enroll in the membership, you'll have instant access to the Introduction to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns self-study course. You'll learn how to identify the patterns in yourself, your friends and family and your clients.  Included is a practical healing exercise for each of the 5 patterns. 

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Survival Energy Patterns are emotionally reactive strategies that were originally formed in childhood to help you cope when overwhelmed. Unfortunately these childhood coping methods do not help you manage your adult world in a healthy integrated way. 

These Survival Energy Patterns are NOT your client's TRUE SELF, and you know it. You just don’t know how to help them undo the Survival Energy Pattern, and create new healthier responses - yet.

The Survival Energy Patterns


A Map of Understanding


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