Healing ourselves so we can facilitate the healing of others.  

 We practice the art and science of transmuting stuck, unhealthy, life-force energy into vital aliveness!

 Join our community of professional therapists, health coaches, nutritionists, doctors, healers, holistic practitioners and students to come together, share and grow.


You are invited

into a LIVE, intimate group of professionals via on-line video meetings, guided by the Somagetics teachers and guest facilitators.  Members receive entry into a tribe of like-minded conscious  seekers, healers, parents, and holistic professionals. 

The weekly sessions of the Somagetics Membership Group are a safe and dynamic meeting place to open up, self-discover, learn, grow and share. In our live Zoom sessions, and anytime during the live group calls you'll have a place to ask questions and network with other seekers who are on a healing journey for themselves, their family members or clients. 

What's included:

You'll have the option to join up to six LIVE sessions weekly on topics that give you skills to help you, your clients and your loved ones.  In addition, you'll have instant access to Self-Study Courses, our Resource Library of educational and inspirational videos, guided meditations, articles, and other gifts. 

  • Conscious Nourishment: Our Weekly Support Group for our own personal healing, held every Tuesday
  • Developing Energy Perception: Learning to work with Life Force Energy for ourselves and our clients, held on the first Thursday of the Month  
  • Identifying the Survival Energy Patterns: How to identify and communicate with each of the patterns, held on the 4th Wednesday of the month 
  • Self-Study Courses: including Introduction to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns
  • Resource Library: includes educational and inspirational videos, guided meditations, articles and other gifts. 
  • Replays: of the live membership calls for when you can't make the live calls. 


You'll have access to our private community platform for a safe place to connect with the other members and students.  

The Survival Energy Patterns


A Map of Understanding


Survival Energy Patterns are emotionally reactive strategies that were originally formed in childhood to help you cope when overwhelmed. Unfortunately these childhood coping methods do not help you manage your adult world in a healthy integrated way. 

These Survival Energy Patterns are NOT your client's TRUE SELF, and you know it. You just don’t know how to help them undo the Survival Energy Pattern, and create new healthier responses - yet.


Before I learned about Somagetics I struggled with a lack of boundaries and a relentless inner critic my whole life. I decided to attend the membership group and other classes because I wanted to break the self-destructive patterns I had relied on that were no longer serving me. 
As a result of this work, I have learned to love all of the parts of myself and no longer identify with my inner critic and this feels so liberating!! It has impacted my personal relationships for the better and has made me a more effective healer and a coach in my work with clients.

~ Alma H.

I love the warm, friendly, compassionate, and respectful people in the Somagetics Membership group. The expert facilitation by the group leaders creates a space where I feel safe communicating and sharing. Valuable self-care techniques are taught that are quick and simple to implement. Before joining this group, I was already familiar with many powerful holistic healing modalities. Yet, I am impressed by how effectively these techniques help ground me in my body and balance distressing emotional and physical energy. I can center myself even faster than before, and my awareness of how to dance well with reactive energies from other people has increased.
The result is a boost in both my personal and business productivity. I can handle difficult conversations with even greater ease and complete annoying tasks more efficiently. I am grateful for the opportunity to add these tools to my toolbelt, and I look forward to learning even more from this group in the future!

~ Heidi K. 

Choose Your Membership Plan

Membership Group


Basic Membership

  • Convenient monthly subscription 
  • Invitation to join live weekly group calls 
  • Replays available 
  • Includes the foundational course "Intro to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns" 
  • Access to our private community
  • Unlimited access to our Resource Library: videos, webinars, articles, guided meditations and more
  • No risk.  Cancel anytime.


Join the Basic Membership



Extended Membership

  • Get all of the Basic Membership features PLUS you'll receive:

  • The entire SELF-HEAL Program - which includes instructional videos and activities.

  • Live Monthly Calls with the Master Teachers - Asher Beckwitt and Kimberly Ward (replays available).

  • The opportunity to be in the "Healing Seat" - where you'll get personal micro-healing sessions from a master teacher.


Join the Extended Membership


We believe the Somagetics Membership is the perfect community for healers, practitioners and coaches who want the training, support, and accountability to level up their practice. But if you join and start to feel (within your first month) that it’s just not a good fit, we’re giving you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.


Weekly Sessions


On-line weekly video sessions, interactive workshops, Q & A with our instructors and guest experts on topics that will support you on your healing journey.


Private Community 


Fulfill your thirst for inspiration, connection and support with other like minded individuals who are on a similar transformational path. 


Resource Library 


Unlimited access to educational articles, downloadable handouts, assessments, training videos, guided meditations and innovative transformational tips. 


Self-Healing Mastery


Complete the SELF-HEAL Program and get chance to be in the "Healing Seat" for personal micro-healing sessions with a master teacher in the Extended Membership. 

Start here

The moment you enroll in the membership, you'll have instant access to the Introduction to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns self-study course. You'll learn how to identify the patterns in yourself, your friends and family and your clients.  Included is a practical healing exercise for each of the 5 patterns. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Meet Your Instructors 

Kimberly Ward, founder and CEO of Somagetics is a master at combining her expertise as a Trauma Therapist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with the principles of Somagetics.  
Lisa Lewis, is a licensed therapist and combines her expertise with her extensive training in body mind connection and Somagetics to help people live more fully in the present and and create a life that brings them joy, happiness and fulfillment. 


Dr. Asher BeckwittPh.D. Anthropology, MA in Sociology, and personal experiences has taken her from a researcher and Professor working with the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society and Centers for Disease Control to follow her purpose and passion as a healer.

Kimberly Ward, CEO

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Lisa Lewis, LMFT, LPCC 

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