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Trauma Energetics

Coach Certification Program 

Professional training for coaches, therapists, healers and practitioners.
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Personal Healing and Professional Development  

Healing ourselves so we can facilitate the healing of others. 


The Trauma Energetics Coach (TEC) Certification Program is a combination of a personal healing journey and an immersive training program.  Our cutting-edge Trauma Energetics Healing system goes beyond conventional methods. Through a blend of powerful dialogue, transformative movement, and energy-based exercises, we guide you to develop a profound understanding of the intricate connection between body, mind, and emotions. You'll uncover and address subconscious beliefs that stem from childhood trauma, allowing you to break free from limitations and reignite your true potential.

In this program, you will be equipped with a 4-phase process that empowers you to uncover the emotional and psychological root causes of trauma and other painful issues. Through intensive training, you will learn how to detect hidden subconscious information revealed through voice, gesture, and the interactive energy between individuals. Whether you aspire to enhance your own healing journey, use these techniques professionally with clients, or foster harmonious relationships with loved ones, our certification program will empower you to become exceptional at facilitating transformative change.

“We  can only take our clients as far as we have come in the self-improvement of our own spiritual qualities.”

~ Laura Fine, The Exceptional Practitioner



Are you ready to embark on a transformative personal healing journey while gaining invaluable skills to empower others?

The Trauma Energetics Coach (TEC) Certification Program offers you a unique opportunity to unlock the art and science of transmuting stagnant energy into vibrant aliveness.

It is a standalone system and you can build a business utilizing this method alone, however it is easily integrated with other techniques.  The Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program will provide all the tools you need to have a thriving practice helping people to heal. 

"I didn’t have a healing practice until TEC. And now I have a thriving one and I feel so blessed to do this work! I was a movement coach for actors before—  and this work was so complementary to that— I ended up expanding into 1:1 sessions and now that’s what I do full time! TEC gave me the tools and skills to confidently guide my clients on their healing journeys to connect to the wisdom of their bodies and they’ve had massive transformations as a result!"

Kristi Salerno, TEC Certified

The Curriculum 

 The Physiology 

Learn the foundational concepts of Somagetics (based in Transpersonal Energy Healing) including the physiology of trauma, nervous system basics, polyvagal theory, the basics of energy charge in the body and regulation techniques. 

The Patterns 

The 5 Survival Energy Patterns is a map of understanding how and why people get wired into defensive, life negating, self-sabotage patterns.  You'll learn how to personalize your healing protocol with each client based on their own unique defensive pattern.  

The Process

The Somagetics System can be broken down into a simple 4-phase process that is effective and repeatable.  You'll learn how to facilitate a healing transformation with just this process alone or you can integrate it with other healing techniques.  


One-Year Training Program

in Two Phases



The first 6 months of your training includes the self-study component and 10 Masterclass sessions.  These are  powerful, live, in-depth sessions on Zoom. You’ll participate in interactive, experiential application of the skills and techniques with other professionals, the master teachers and the entire teaching team.   Half way through this phase the Starting Your Practice (SYP) Business Course will open. This course will help you if you're starting a business from scratch or if you need help to revamp as you add TEC to your offerings. 





You can complete all certification requirements in as little as 6 months, however you can go at a slower pace and take up to one year to complete all of the required components to qualify for certification.

The second half - months 6 thru 12 - of the program is the Practicum phase where you will be practicing and applying your skills with other students and begin working with clients. 

You also have the opportunity to repeat all of the  Live Masterclasses and SYP sessions during this phase.  


What You Get:



The moment you enroll you'll have access to the course portal which contains all of the self-study components  of the program.  In the portal you'll have video modules, reading material, guided meditations, replays of past live classes and other tools to support your learning.  


The Masterclass Series consists of 10 live virtual classes designed to help you integrate the self study content into real life skills.  The series opens every August and January.  You can enroll into the program anytime and you'll start the Masterclass Series once it opens. 


Upon enrollment, you have access to the Somagetics Membership Group.  You’ll be able to attend the live group sessions where we review the material learned in your self-study reading and videos, learn new exercises and techniques, and get support from other students and community members.  You have one year access to the Membership Group.  


You'll have the ability to practice the foundational skills with your peers and get support from the teaching team during the live practice sessions.  


You'll experience the healing power of this work during your individual one-hour sessions with a professionally trained and approved Certified Mentor of your choice. See the list of approved Mentors HERE.  Once you select your mentor you'll be able to schedule your 6 personal one-on-one healing sessions.  


 This comprehensive course is tailored to provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to excel in your TEC practice by honing in on your practice specialty and attracting your ideal clients. 

By the end of this 10 week course you will have a fully functional private practice with a clear vision of who you work with, how much your charge, and the full structure of your business. 


Download the TEC Curriculum Guide

Get more details about the program features and the curriculum topics. 

By downloading the Curriculum Guide, I consent to Somagetics contacting me by email at the address provided.

What students have to say...

"It was the most profound experience I have ever had. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be in such a sacred space with everyone to search, to heal, to learn, to support and be supported. I found it incredibly healing for myself doing this work with such an open-hearted group of ladies. What a course!  I have had so many "light bulb" moments and life-changing take-aways from your beautiful teaching and wisdoms.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!" 

Jenny Noland, Health Coach, TEC Certified 

"TEH has provided me with the skills to be a more compassionate person and confident coach who can make a difference for my clients."

Cindy L, Health Coach, TEC Certified

"This program has been a wonderful experience for me,  both personally as well as professionally. It has allowed me insight into my personality and behaviors as well as into MY BODY that I did not have before. It has given me SO many tools to use for greater understanding, knowledge, and growth. I have tools to help me to access ME and to love myself....that's something I never knew, understood or was ever taught before. THANK YOU!"

Summer Bardia, Physicians Assistant, TEC Certified 

Training Cost & Payment Options 

12 Month Plan


Certification Program

  • 12 Monthly Payments of $575 each 
  • Immediate Access to the Course Portal that includes the Curriculum Material 
  • Ten 3-Hour Live Masterclass Sessions 
  • One Year of the Membership Group that includes up to 6 live calls per month
  • 6 one-on-one Personal Healing Sessions with a Certified TEC Practitioner 
  • Includes the Business Course Starting Your Practice valued at $1390.



One Time Payment


Certification Program

  • One easy payment
  • Immediate Access to the Course Portal that includes the Curriculum Material 
  • Ten 3-Hour Live Masterclass Sessions 
  • One Year of the  Membership Group that includes up to 6 live calls per month
  • 6 one-on-one Personal Healing Sessions with a Certified TEC Practitioner 
  • Includes the Business Course Starting Your Practice valued at $1390.



Personal Healing Path


  • A 6-month journey of personal healing
  • For those on the self-healing path that do not want or need a certification
  • Gain skills to support the healing of your friends, family and community 
  • Immediate access to the Course Portal
  • Join the Ten 3-Hour Live Masterclass Sessions
  • 6 Months of the Membership Group that includes up to 6 live calls per month 
  • 6 one-on-one Healing Sessions with a Certified TEC Practitioner 
  • Does NOT include the Starting Your Practice Business Course 



Meet the TEC Team

Kimberly Ward, CEO and Lead Teacher

Kimberly is the CEO and Founder of Somagetics.  She has been working as a holistic practitioner for over 25 years. She combines her skills as a Functional Nutritional Practitioner and Somatic Trauma Therapist to help her clients achieve optimal health. Her true passion is teaching people how to resolve past trauma that is at the root of physical and mental disease. In addition to seeing clients in her private practice she is the Founder and CEO of Somagetics where she serves as a lead instructor and facilitator in the Trauma Energetics Coaching Certification Program.  

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson, Dean of Students

Lynn is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for Nutritional Endocrinology.  She utilizes principles of functional nutrition, herbal healing,  traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda as well as Transpersonal Energy Healing  to bring in true holistic healing of the mind, body and emotions.   She serves as the Dean of Student for the Somagetics  Institute and is a lead instructor in the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program.  In addition to all of that she's the editor of the Somagetics newsletter. 

Lisa Lewis,  Lead Teacher and Mentor

Lisa is dually licensed as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).  She has extensive training body mind connection holding certificates in Transpersonal Energy Healing as well as Level 2 Reiki certification. Her 20-plus years of education, training and life experience have equipped her to help others in their healing and growth. Lisa has been part of the Somagetics teaching team since 2019. She currently serves as a lead instructor and facilitates some of the Membership Group sessions.  

Suzy Wraines, Lead Teacher and Business Coach

Suzy is the Founder of Business Simplified LLC.  She has over 20 years of business experience and a bachelors degree in Business Administration. She has over 5 years experience as a health and life coach. She combines her skills as a Business Foundation Coach.

In addition to coaching and hosting a podcast, Suzy is a certified Trauma Energetics Coach. Using this modality in her Entrepreneur Coaching has been key to healing her clients from limiting beliefs rooted in past trauma. 

Suzy is the creator and teacher of our "Starting Your Practice Business Course."

Emily Smith, Executive Assistant and Teacher 

Emily is a certified Trauma Energetics  Practitioner with over a decade of experience. She holds a Masters of Social Work degree, which has fueled her passion for helping individuals who are seeking fulfillment and healing from grief, trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression. Emily has been a part of the  Somagetics team since 2020, serving in many roles including: Executive Assistant, administrator, customer support specialist and is part of the teaching team. 

Are you ready to help re-wire defensive, self-sabotage patterns and support deep transformation healing for yourself, clients, and  community?

  • You won't have to spend years in traditional training in order to unwind the root cause of the defensive patterns that have kept your clients locked in misery. 

  • In just 6 months, we teach you how to facilitate a healing transformation for yourself and others. 

  • You'll have an additional 6 months of practical experience and case study opportunities to refine your skills.  

  • This system is trauma informed, easy to grasp and effective, and can be used with your clients in person or virtually.

  • TEC is a standalone system.  You don’t need to use other modalities in conjunction with it, however it is easily integrated with other techniques. 

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