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The Trigger Regulator: 3 Simple Steps for Managing Trauma Triggers


In this week's episode of "Self-Healing After Trauma," Kimberly and Dr. Asher discuss and provide a simple tool to help manage trauma triggers. 

We know firsthand how tough it can be to navigate life with trauma triggers. It's like walking through a field, never knowing when you might step on a hidden landmine that throws you back into a whirlwind of emotions and memories. But we have learned some strategies along the way, and we want to share them with you.

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The ACES Test: Unveiling the Link Between Childhood Trauma and Adult Well-being


In this week's episode of "Self-Healing After Trauma," Kimberly and Dr. Asher dive into the important topic of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Test (ACES). Join us as we discuss the impact of childhood trauma on our adult lives and the groundbreaking research conducted by the CDC and Kaiser. 

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On this episode of The Healer's Transformation Podcast, our host Kimberly sits down with guest Kelly Hudson, a graduate of the Trauma Energetics Coaching Certification Program to discuss their journey as a healer and how it parallels with their experience in the world of improv and TV writing. 

Connect with Kelly: [email protected]

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How unresolved trauma shows up in your life


Kimberly and Dr. Asher delve into the various ways trauma can manifest in our physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. They discuss common symptoms like difficulty relaxing, severe self-criticism, feeling stuck or unable to take action, dissociation, relationship issues, memory problems, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

Kimberly shares her personal journey of discovering unresolved trauma in her own life and how it led her to help others heal. Dr. Asher also opens up about her experiences with autoimmune issues and how addressing the trauma helped improve her health. Through their candid discussions, Dr. Asher and Kimberly aim to shed light on the often-hidden effects of unresolved trauma and emphasize the importance of addressing its root cause for lasting healing and transformation. 


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How to prepare to talk about your trauma publicly

Kimberly and Dr. Asher discuss how to prepare to talk about your trauma publicly.

Opening up about personal trauma is a courageous step, and doing so publicly requires even more strength and preparedness. This podcast highlights some helpful tips in doing so.

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In this episode of The Healer's Transformation Kimberly interviews Claudia Rogron.  

In 2004, Claudia met the co-founder of TEH, Laura Fine. That encounter changed her life. She proceeded to get certified a few years later, and completed a second certification at Somagetics in 2023.

This work affected all aspects of her life from the microcosm of her inner self to her community and work environment.

She is now part of the teaching team in Somagetics and dedicates her life to Somatic coaching. The relationship with our body is the longest and most intimate relationship we’ll ever have, We can use our body as a compass in life. Her commitment to educating and facilitating Bodymind integration is a lifelong pursuit.

Learn more about Claudia HERE.


How to distinguish the differences between traditional vs. energetic trauma therapies

Kimberly and Dr. Asher discuss the differences between traditional vs. energetic trauma therapies.

While traditional therapy delves into the psychological aspects of trauma, trauma energetic therapy takes a more holistic approach, working with the body's energy to release and heal unresolved trauma blockages.

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In this episode of The Healer's Transformation Kimberly interviews Emilie Kershaw.  Emilie is a recent 2023 graduate of the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program. She was drawn to the program to further her own personal and spiritual growth as well as her desire to help others. 

Since graduating, Emilie has established her own coaching practice called, Transformative Coaching and works one on one with clients who are seeking guidance and support in their own process of healing and self-discovery.  Emilie also has a background in Montessori education and now uses the skills and tools she's acquired through Somagetics to assist Montessori teachers through her consulting business called, Montessori Development Consulting, which works to develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-efficacy in individual teachers and teaching teams.  You can find Emilie at: 


Getting to Know Your Shadow Self (part 1)

Kimberly chats with Dr. Asher about getting to know your shadow self. 

We all have sides of ourselves that we might not fully understand or often hide away – our fears, insecurities, and untapped potentials. This journey into the shadows is not about dwelling in negativity, but about gaining insight and embracing our whole selves. This journey is about acknowledging those parts of yourself that you might have pushed aside, and instead allowing them to teach you, guide you, and ultimately, empower you. Click HERE to listen. 


Getting to Know Your Shadow Self (part 2)

Kimberly and Dr. Asher continue their conversation about getting to know your shadow self. 

Embracing self-discovery means delving into the depths of your shadow self—the hidden aspects often obscured from consciousness. By acknowledging and exploring these uncharted territories of your psyche, you pave the way for profound personal growth and transformation.  Click HERE to listen.